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Mark olive

Mark Olive

Mark is the Managing Director of Emmbie and of an IT company specialising in the provision of online healthcare services. He has a keen interest in emerging technology that can be used to monitor biometrics and be uploaded to an online record, and wearable technology particularly in the world of sport and the monitoring of fitness and progress.

He enjoys jogging, swimming and yoga to keep in good shape. Mark has recently taken on an allotment and is looking forward to growing healthy organic fruit and vegetables to supplement his families diet.

Hannah de Gruchy

Hannah de Gruchy

Hannah is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the content and products on our website, blog, and social media pages. Prior to this, Hannah worked for four years as Operations Manager for an online doctor, helping to build the company to become the UK leader in its field.

Hannah has an honours degree in Human Biology and has many years’ experience working in laboratories around London. She has a keen interest in nutrition and healthy living and loves to research and write about these topics.

Hannah follows a mainly alkaline diet and keeps fit by running, cycling, using free fitness apps and completing 200 lunges and squats a day. She doesn't believe fitness and a healthy body come by way of expensive monthly gym memberships and she swears by Peruvian ginseng, or maca, for an afternoon energy boost! She enjoys live music, promoting the work of her local Woman’s Institute in east London, perfecting her baking and sewing skills and using any excuse to celebrate with a glass or two of bubbly.

Gina Scott

Gina Scott

Gina has always taken a keen interest in a healthy lifestyle and aside from looking after us all at Emmbie, she also looks after all our customers and is always willing to help with any queries regarding our products. She loves being able to share useful and inspiring tips to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Gina has worked predominantly within the recruitment industry which can be demanding, fast paced and stressful. As a mum of two and always on the go; eating well, keeping the family fit and healthy and getting plenty of sleep are a must (as is her daily goji berry antioxidant boost to help ward off any time and energy sapping bugs).

Gina is an avid attendee of body combat, loves running, cycling, horse riding and is a fair weather tennis player. A good social life is vital to Gina who considers the benefits of a balanced lifestyle essential to maintain stress levels and keep smiling, the advantages of which are underestimated!

Adam Rattue

Adam Rattue

Adam is our graphic designer, fully versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and video editing software; and is responsible for making our site look awesome with the help of the software wizardry at his fingertips. Adam has a keen interest in semiotics, the study of signs and symbols and how we make meaning of them, and in how colours can have an effect on emotions. Adam’s influence on the site neatly ties up Kevin’s work on user experience, and Hannah’s writing.

When he’s not making websites look good, Adam loves to cycle especially since proudly building his own bike (which we’re told has a leopard print seat). He’s also just taken up running and is enjoying getting out in the fresh air on two feet as well as on two wheels.

Our talented graphic designer doesn’t just get creative in the office, he also loves to draw and paint and part owned a gallery in Copenhagen for a number of years where he showcased his own paintings and animations. Asked about his style, ‘Scandinavian minimalist’ is his vibe. Expect to see some Emmbie infographics styled by Adam in the near future, and who knows what else?!

Blog team

Henry Daniels

Henry Daniels

Henry is our fitness blogger and gym enthusiast, and loves popping in to share his experience and knowledge with us and you. Always up for a challenge, he enjoys participating in most sports and getting his friends to try new ones with him. Henry is a vegetarian and strongly believes that gym going and a carnivorous diet don’t have to go hand in hand.

He regularly shakes his container of spirulina powder at anyone claiming he doesn’t get enough protein (protein from spirulina is more readily absorbed by the body than protein from beef) and takes a daily vitamin B12 supplement to make sure he gets enough to meet his needs.

Henry might be happiest when he’s moving but often takes time out to go to the cinema and indulge in too much popcorn (salty, since you ask), but figures his active job as a tree surgeon affords him this luxury! (We’re working on him to create his own line of lumberjack shirts since he wears them so well…) Henry's blog provides information and inspiration on all aspects of fitness and training, whether you're new to a sport or you're looking to improve on your favourites.

Evie Montgomery

Evie Montgomery

Evie is our very own blogging green goddess; warrior posing and sun saluting her way through life, generally being healthy and vibrant. She’s ecologically minded, loves travelling and adores discovering new ways to cook and eat healthily along the way.

She’s a little bundle of positive spiritual energy and with her amazing culinary skills, we love it when she comes to visit! Her lifestyle advice is second to none, whether its ideas on how to get extra fruit and veg into our diet, keeping young and agile, finding time to exercise or generally letting go and having a laugh, Evie’s your girl.

Evie is a barista and writes in her spare time, and passing on her knowledge and experience to the Emmbie readers was an opportunity not to be missed!

Mark Francis

Mark Francis

Mark is our very own techno-geek and loves playing with anything remotely gadget like, his job as an electronics engineer is a job made in heaven and he’s rarely seen without a circuit board in his hand.

He loves racquet sports, and plays a lot of squash and tennis to keep fit. In fact he’s so good he’s the secretary of his local tennis club and often organises fund raising events at the club to benefit his local community.

Mark also makes sure he monitors his fitness levels and follows a healthy diet by using a plethora of fitness and recipe apps downloaded to one of his many phones (he tells us having more than one phone is vital to testing and developing apps, and also spotting bugs in other developers apps…) Mark’s blog reviews new health gadgets and apps, so that you don’t have to. And trust us if it doesn’t make the grade with Mark, it’s not worth using!